All parents love an easy activity for their kids, so look for small dinosaur bubbles or dino-themed crayons to play with long after the party is over. A White Christmas. It was a gentleman’s 40th birthday. Renting a cotton candy machine would be a fun extra to a carnival themed birthday party. If your kids are of the age to watch or read the story, this might be the perfect theme. It ties in perfectly with a scavenger hunt. This article from also has great science games and decoration ideas. You can find some nice party ideas on this article from Pirate party with costumes, eye patches and treasure hunts. Tangled got raving reviews when it was released. This is a great laid back party theme. Genius! The best part of this birthday party was that my friend rented an inflatable water slide for the mermaids to practice using their flippers! Otherwise hire a professional at For example, making a pizza is a rewarding challenge for children. The Animal theme is easy and works great for all ages. You can find some nice DIY ideas in these articles from and The 40 Best Birthday Party Themes for Kids and Adults. For decoration, food and games ideas take a look at this article from All Frozen themed birthday party must end in dance party with Frozen as the final performance. Then, once the slime is made, they now have a new temporary toy to play with. Because the child is so young, it is mostly family friends and relatives that are invited to the party. However, the decorative elements they show can’t all be made at home. For party games, take a look at this article from On the Lego website, you can find ideas on how you can combine Lego with other party themes. Partywizz also provides a one-stop shop for zoo party decorations. Top 15 Kid Birthday Party Themes in 2020! A reptile party doesn’t need to be grey; it can be bright and fun. As the movies revolve around a family, The Incredibles is an ideal theme for parents who want to play along. Only it wasn’t for kids! Think tents, tee pees, quilts, s’mores, lanterns, trail mix, brown bag lunches, and flashlights! You can find some nice decoration ideas, for hosting a safari party, in this article from See more rock star birthday party idea from, ensures adorable decorations, a great party activity, and the perfect party favor. But with the Turtle ninja theme, it becomes a perfect match. She also bought dry ice for the smoking sensation and the kids loved it. If you are looking for some amazing Christmas Party Ideas that are suitable for kids, then these 21 Christmas Party Ideas for kids will really help you out this year.. We love to get together as a family at Christmas, just like many other families do throughout the festive season. Find inspiration, craft how-to's, food and drink recipes, and other birthday party ideas for kids. This is a wonderful theme, especially if your kids are old enough to read the books or watch the movies. Give your kiddo the best birthday ever by trying out one of these amazing birthday party themes: Spa-day with facials and mud masks. For some easy Unicorn party games, check out these articles from and These 25 ideas will get you started throwing a great Christmas bash! For some party games, take a look at these articles from and Posted in Uncategorized and tagged 5-10-years , Christmas , Theme … Decorations for this theme party can include anything from live lilies to paper origami birds to anything … Give your kids’ Christmas party an international theme by hosting a Christmas around-the-world party. Trucks and big motorised vehicles endlessly fascinate young children. If you don’t have enough space for dancing, you can always hire a venue. You can find some fun party games in this article from Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. You can find some nice party ideas in this article from If you have any other ideas, please let me know . If your children do martial arts, this theme is perfect. As the music starts playing everyone can start to swing dance and have a little fun. Wagons for cake tables are perfect for a farm theme and if a petting zoo is an option, this is the kind of party the kids will go nuts for. The can also easily be combined with other themes. The obvious solution is to go to a zoo. Browse birthday ideas by age or theme. Legos are universal; they’ve even made movies. From a birthday bash featuring favorites like llamas to birthday party ideas for teens to even an exciting experience party like an Escape Room, these hip ideas for party themes are sure to make those mini-milestones ones you’ll never forget! Additionally, you can book a face painter to turn all of your guests into vampires. For games ideas, get inspired by this article from You can also find some DIY ideas in this article from For details on this adorable sleepover cake check out, Again, this party has a built in activity most kids already love- building with LEGO. Dark lights and fluorescent colours make for a truly magical party. Unicorn party ; Arty party ; Rainbow themed birthday ; Detective party ; Princess party; Llama party ; Beach party – indoor or outdoor; X-Factor or other TV talent show; Jungle theme party ; Football party ; Ballet party; Sloth party ; Pepper Pig party ; A favourite cartoon character themed party; Circus party; Cricket party ; Construction party These party ideas will make planning your holiday party so much easier! Meanwhile, Kids Science Labs throws the coolest science-themed party in town. It can be easily combined with the rainbow theme. Whether you're throwing a kids birthday party, or a classroom holiday party you'll find tons of kids party ideas that make little faces smile. Check out the cupcake decorating party details at, If you’re kiddo can’t stop singing “Let it Go”, this party by my friend, Megan, will blow you away! You can ask the kids to come dressed in animal costumes, have animal-shaped food and even create a mini zoo. Pick up all the party supplies you could possibly need in the most popular kids' party themes! balloon party decorations, party bags and tableware. As a side activity, I love the idea of having a make your own flip flop bar set up for the kids to craft! For some DIY decoration ideas, get inspired by this article from You can find some nice food and party ideas in this article from Take a break from holly and ivy, and bring out the grass skirts, coconuts, pineapples and rum for this unexpected holiday theme. You can make tipis with blankets. If you’re worried, set clear rules and guidelines at the start. If you want your guests to blow off some steam before moving indoors, this is a great theme. Yak? See more construction themed party ideas from, Sleepovers provide endless amounts of fun and it’s so simple. While you don't need to have a themed birthday party, it can make party planning easier as helps everything come together as a whole and can give you inspiration for ideas. Circus party Alternatively, book a travelling zoo or a reptile house for the afternoon. A minion costume is easy enough to make or find. For some decoration ideas, take a look at this article from You can also combine your pirate party with fictional themes, like space pirates. For decorations, you can find some nice ideas in this article from Alternatively, if you want beautiful hand-crafted tipis set up in your house, you can book the service through PartyWizz. You can incorporate the following ideas while planning a birthday party for a 3-year-old kid: 1. For some decoration ideas, take a look at this article from You can find fun party games listed in this article from The Wizard of Oz will probably remain as a classic. For some more ideas, check out this article from You'll also find party plans for … But for some nice at home party ideas, take a look at this article from These articles from and have some great indoor and outdoor activity ideas. This is a good theme if you don’t want to Pirates again. Every detail of this Wild Thing Birthday Party is adorable! For some decoration ideas, check out this article from For some DIY ideas, take a look at this article from For Alice in Wonderland, you’ll need a few DIY projects and decorative elements to set the tone. For some decoration ideas, take a look at this article from These Christmas party themes for kids should entertain them for as long as the event continues. If your child already does Ballerina, this theme is perfect! For the activities, keep it simple. For all of the Frozen birthday party details, check out. With each theme, we have included links and resources to kick-start your creativity. Fore more camping party details, check out, Have you hosted any kid birthday parties lately? For some food, costumes and decoration ideas, take a look at this article from As a kid, you look forward to one major day of the year: your birthday. This is an easy and colourful theme. Browse hundreds of kids’ party ideas for hundreds of children’s party theme ideas, decorating ideas, party food ideas, party games and more. Slime Party. 19. Something as simple as a bubble still makes for an awesome party theme. If your kids can’t get enough at Halloween, a Vampire theme will be ideal. More pictures and details at, My favorite part of a construction themed party is that you can use your kid’s toys as decorations. If you want to do elaborate ‘mad science’ with the kids, book an entertainer for the party. The zoo party ties with the animal party mentioned at the start. Pirates, unicorns, fairies, princesses, dinosaurs, Disney, superheroes, rainbows, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Harry Potter are all popular party themes. An backyard inflatable water slide would be fun too. If your child’s special day is approaching, it’s time to consider the party theme! You can find some nice ideas to get started, in this article from To get started, you can find some nice decoration and costume ideas in this article from the Additionally, the required DIY is minimal. You can also find more ideas in this article from Our birthday party experts know their stuff, and they ’ re here to help you plan the biggest bash yet, from choosing a theme to passing out party favors as your child ’ s guests head home. Our collection of kids birthday party supplies and decorations can help you create a festive mood in no time. See more ideas about birthday party themes, birthday, party. For some fun games and ideas take a look at this article from If your kids enjoy cooking, host a baking party for some hands-on fun. You can also use the party bags as participation prizes. For some more games, take a look at this article from Jun 11, 2020 - A wide variety of themes and DIY projects for birthday parties for kids!. A fantastic idea for both boys and girls, this circus-themed party is almost as good as the real thing! For food ideas, get some inspiration from Your email address will not be published. For some more party tips, can also check out this article, from There was also a ship in a bottle craft and the kids even got pirate names! If you want to go all out, make the event a sleepover! You can find some nice decoration ideas in this article from You can also check this article from for nice decoration ideas. Being a secret agent is a wonderful birthday experience. You can combine it with a pamper party. Read More. Car Theme. See all of the pirate themed birthday details at, Horseshoes, musical chairs, BB gun shooting, and a grill out made this birthday party fun for everyone involved. Research how other cultures celebrate Christmas and allow kids to pick a country that is relevant or inspirational to them. See all of the details at the. For pancake and pyjama party ideas, check this article from A jungle themed birthday party is always a hit with the kids. Christmas sweaters and Irish sweaters are all options for this great party theme. Think: Ring toss, face painting, knock the cans over, a simple bowling game, dance party, or a photo booth. and this simple one year old’s version at Building Blocks & Acorns. For a compilation of party ideas, check out this article from Fortnite has been the hottest game for the past two years, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular birthday party theme for 2020! If you want to give the winners a prize, you can make medals out a jumbo chocolate coin and a ribbon. However, the costumes will likely involve foam or plastic swords. For the most part, 1st birthday parties involve more parents than children. This article from also has nice ideas but doesn’t contain any pictures. For all of the monster party details check out, An Olympic themed party leads to so many fun games and activities to get the kids moving! Katie went the extra mile and made box lunches complete with pizza muffins and pit together a cupcake craft for the kids to complete. For some DIY table decorations take a look at this article from See more at. You can find some nice ideas in the article from Activities included making slime, science experiments, and periodic table twister. Making Slime is very popular science project for kids to do during a party. You can find fun party games listed in this article from A carnival theme sets the stage for all kinds of fun games and activities for kids of all ages. Animals like pigs, cows, chicks, sheep and horses can be worked into this theme.