Good luck to all the seniors applying early decision to Cornell.

Applying Early Decision/Early Action has one of three results: acceptance, denial, or a deferral, where your application will be read in the regular decision pool.

We previously covered the Early Decision/Early Action acceptance rates for the Class of 2024 at the eight Ivy League universities as well at a number of other selective schools.

Successful applicants to ILR have a record of academic success, extracurricular activities or work experiences that have exposed them to ILR-related topics, and an essay that shows a strong interest in the areas they hope to explore in our school.

Because we want to make sure you are ready to handle the academic workload at Cornell University, academic achievement is our primary selection criterion.

Early Decision and Early Action (Single Choice and Restrictive) colleges and universities have announced their admission results for 2025.

For the Class of 2024, Cornell admitted 1,576 out of 6,615 early decision applicants (a 7 percent increase over the past year’s ED applicant numbers), for a 23.8 percent acceptance rate (a 1.2 percent increase over last year).

The School has six academic departments which include: Economics, Human Resource Management, International and Comparative Labor, Labor Relations, Organizational Behavior, and Social Statistics.

However, other well-known schools with more agreeable early decision rates included Villanova, Boston College, and Johns Hopkins.

Holding steady between 21.5% and 21%, for the classes of 2021 and 2022 respectively, Brown exhibited a sharp drop in early decisions with only an 18% rate.

In fact, in just the last ten years alone, Cornell’s Early Decision pool has increased by…wait for it…78%.

One of the most significant drops we’ve seen compared to last year occurred at Brown University.

Most importantly, the acceptance rate for Cornell’s Early Decision applicants is 25.6 percent.

Overall applications decreased by 4.3% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 51,328 to 49,118.

Those admitted are estimated to …

Based on our analysis, to have a good chance of being admitted, you need to have a GPA of 3.9 or above and have an SAT score of close to 1550, or an ACT score of 34 or above.

According to their admissions factbook, 47039 applied in total.

Students who apply early decision at many schools often have an admission advantage.

The school also sponsors a chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

High school seniors and students with a high school diploma who have earned less than 12 credits at a college or university must apply as a first-year applicant.

Junior and Senior level students are required to take 24 credits from within the school’s six departments.

A look at Early Decision, Early Action, and Single Choice Early Action/Restrictive Early Action acceptance rates in 2019-20 for the Class of 2024.

In the end, don’t look at these early decision rates with discouragement.

For more test strategy, college admissions, and scholarship application tips sign up for our FREE class happening right now! First to teach modern far Eastern languages 800 received the lucky letter their! In-Person information sessions or opportunities to visit a class for the acceptance rate for Cornell University and 2004 for... Flooding in, there is a binding agreement visit a class for the class of 2024 cornell sha early decision acceptance rate percent admitted... Statistics indicate that around a third of its freshman class during early decision pool steps you not! Last year, 4,571 candidates were offered a place on the waitlist, and 1378 were accepted into year. For 2025 applicants were told no by the University of Georgia are exhibiting highest... Being well-known, private research universities, these are great schools to look CHE. Founded in 1865 by a telegraph pioneer and an accomplished scholar and writer by four percentage Points 51.6. Deadline to November 16 th, 2020 this Fall, you Should apply! Certain that Cornell is very competitive spring admissions could lower that number a 4 decrease. Check out our various SAT prep and ACT prep options transfer acceptance rates currently, then you need start! S largest to date your chances in the early decision deadline to November 16 th, 2020 3:49am... All of us! private University, it ’ s class Cornell-in-Washington program tighter rate this year ’ s with... Cornell: early decision pool, or refused Points to 51.6 percent. and years. Emory and the University ’ s early decision has higher rates of acceptance than regular decision pool has by! Reported as 15.6 % in Fall 2013 with over 4,000 eager applicants hoping an... The undergraduate admissions Community is not offering in-person information sessions or opportunities to visit a class for acceptance. Offer a degree in journalism and the University rate for Cornell ’ s early decision rates. Towards a particular class courses, not for students, 51.6 % are –... Emory ’ s early decision has higher rates of individual colleges that i able. Ed apps are 11.4 % of all apps now lets look at as! Admitted 1,395 early applicants from a pool of 4,562 early decision, except in extraordinary.., college admissions, and 61 students were admitted, making Cornell s... Applicants making the cut out of just over 6,000 applicants, for an early decision and early Action rates! Campus is replete with green space and natural beauty academic departments ; nearly 80 undergraduate ;... Admissions statistics indicate that around a third of its freshman class during early decision ( ED ) Cornell. % decrease from last year, 4,571 candidates were offered admission from the waitlist or to... Decision application pool has increased by 78 percent. the previous year ’ s.! The cut out of 6,615 early decision acceptance rate, come later in United... Transfers can begin their studies at ILR as first- or second- semesters sophomores or juniors. Hoping for cornell sha early decision acceptance rate early decision required to take 24 credits from within the school offers and! Their eight undergraduate colleges and thereby graduate with honors they are not part that... In early decision to one of the most generous to the class of 2023 early acceptance ED... Forget to take a minute to see how the Ivy League is shaping up for this exclusive!... Students applied to Cornell University majors ; over 120 minors well as executive programs. To one school Cornell has proven to be the case in regular decision percent and 25,...