By using Class 5 or Class 7 British Columbia Driving License, residents of BC can drive. Class 5 Licence - After two years of safe driving, you can apply for your full driver’s license in BC. Class 5: Non-probationary. You will have to take a Class 5 road test to prove your driving skills. Thanks. Does not matter if it is a GDL or non-GDL at this point. The Class 5 non-probationary license is an upgraded license from the Class 5 GDL. Getting a class 5 learner licence. Cars, vans, trucks, utility vehicles etc. Make sure to always have the appropriate BC car insurance and other necessary documentation with you when driving. If you pass, you will receive a full licence and no longer have the same restrictions of a Novice or Learner’s License. Requires a medical. No more graduated licensing restrictions, tests or L and N signs on the back of your car. You Class 5 licence is the final step in getting an unrestricted, full British Columbia driving licence. Fill out the application form; Present evidence of your identity; Prove your eyesight meets the required standard Class 5 or Class 7 British Columbia Driving License is the most common driving license. Aug 29, 2018 #9 Class 1 and 6 type vehicles for learning. Class 5 & Class 7 With a Class 5 or Class 7 license you may operate: a two-axled motor vehicle except for those listed under exclusions; a motor home (including those with more than 2 axles) a limited speed motorcycle (moped) an all-terrain vehicle or all-terrain cycle; a construction vehicle Class 5 test: usually includes merging onto a freeway Class 5 test: Examiners are looking for a confident, safe, and skilled driver that hasn’t developed bad habits over the years they’ve been driving; such as, rolling stops, lack of shoulder checks, one hand on the steering wheel, using the left foot on the brake pedal, etc. Oct 3, 2017 47 20. CLASS 1 LICENCE BC Class 5 Licence. All terrain vehicles or a motor cycle with limited speed. This license requires an advanced road test to be taken, which will assess your knowledge of the road. You can apply for your full licence after having your N for at least 24 months of safe driving with no prohibitions (or possibly 18 months, if you took an ICBC-approved driver training course in your L stage and were a safe driver during that period). A BC Class 5 license is the final stage in becoming a completely certified British Columbia driver, but to get your Class 5 licence, you need to demonstrate that you are a capable, safe driver in any road or weather conditions. You must have had a full class 4 (medium rigid vehicle licence) for at least 6 months (or 3 months if you are over 25 years old) before applying for the 5L (class 5 learner licence) at a driver licencing agent:. In order to obtain this license, you must have driven as a GDL for two years and have had no license suspensions during the last year. Asking because my brother just got his Class 5 license in BC but also moving to AB in a week. Vehicles up to 4600 kg. CLASS 1 LICENCE VEHICLES THAT MAY BE OPERATED Truck and trailer, where the trailer is equipped with air brakes. (g) Class 5 licence permits (i) operation of a motor vehicle or combination of vehicles for which a Class 7 licence is required, and (ii) if permitted on the licence, operation of a combination of vehicles referred to in paragraph (c) (ii) or (iii) that are without air brakes even if the towed vehicles in that combination exceed 4 600 kg; Looking for a Different British Columbia Licence Type? Learn More. B. bastiaandg Full Member. Private Licenses. License Classes in B.C. Choose the type of vehicle you need to get a British Columbia licence for. CLASS 2 LICENCE Permits the holder to operate any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles that the holder of a Class 3, 4 or 5 operator's licence may operate. He is worried if he will get a Class 5 license in AB.